SNI Frizz-Eaze Towel Turbie | Dry Hair Fast

SNI hair care towel frizz eaze turbie by SNI Haircare
Dry hair faster with SNI hair care towel frizz eaze turbie by SNI Haircare
SNI frizz-eaze towel turbie fast drying towel turban available online
SNI hair care towel frizz eaze turbie by SNI Haircare
SNI hair care towel frizz eaze turbie by SNI Haircare

SNI Frizz-Eaze Towel Turbie | Dry Hair Fast

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If frizz, colour leakage and split ends is high up in your hair concerns list, then this is the product you need!

Did you know that wet hair is weak hair? Our hair turbans drink up water before it drowns your hair.

Cuts drying time by 50%, hands-free, out of your face and friction-free and most importantly smooth out frizz!

Suitable for all hair types and excessively long hair can simply be folded within the length of the turbie


Helps reduce frizz and breakage

Helps hair colour stay vibrant longer

Helps hair look shinier, smoother, softer

Helps with curl definition

Helps hair become healthier over time, reducing need for styling products

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Now back in Stock at a lower price, two colours (white coming soon) and softer, more absorbant than ever with our special blend coral fleece material!

The typical norm is to dry hair in one of the following methods....

1) Blow Dryer
Blow drying on wet hair causes excessive water evaporation so this dehydrates the hair and causes it to weaken and become brittle. It also gives rise to split ends.Use Frizz Eaze Turbie to dry hair up to 50% faster and save the hot stuff to style.

2) Air Drying
When hair is wet, keratin absorbs water rapidly causing the hair to swell and stretch, weakening it up to 57%. This is when hair is most vulnerable and prone to damage. To keep hair strong, water needs to be removed within the first few minutes after getting out of the bath or shower. When the hair is wet, it absorbs up to 30% of its weight in water and raises the cuticles of the hair. This causes hair to become fragile and prone to damage. When hair dries unevenly, wet patches remain vulnerable and take on more than their fair share of damage.

3) Towel Drying
Cotton has harsh loops that cause frizz. SNI Frizz Eaze Turbie uses finely woven fibres finer than silk that wick away water 5x faster than cotton without the Frizz.

How to use Frizz-Eaze Towel Turbie:

Gently squeeze excess water before using

Leave on between 5-20 mins depending on density and length of hair. Leave to dry after use.

Squeeze excessive water from hair prior to using by a twisting method.
If hair is long, keep hair loosely twisted and fold within the length of the Frizz Eaze Turbie
Ensure all hair is covered
Pat all over once, to ensure maximum contact.

Points to remember:
This product is not intended to completely dry your hair as the hair is layered when flat on the head, all the hair will not make contact with the Turbie. It is intended to gently wick away excessive water without dehydrating the hair and without causing damage. It is also intended to save energy and time as the average woman who usually uses a blow dryer saves 19,500 watts and 13 hours per year by using Frizz Eaze Turbie.

Let air dry after use. Do not wash after every use. Wash as you feel appropriate. Always wash with a mild detergent. Was with similar colours. Never use a fabric softener. Dry on low heat or air dry.

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