SNI Natural Haircare Origin Story

Our Story

How it all started...

SNI started as the founder, Sofia who is a medical research scientist, had to look for a natural product which would help with scalp psoriasis and extreme hair fall out. Prescription and medicated shampoos are not suitable during pregnancy and hence Sofia looked for something with more natural or mild ingredients.

Having worked with cosmetics and studying cosmetic chemistry in a lab previously, Sofia turned to formulating a hair oil which would help soothe her scalp inflammation whilst reducing hair loss. The formula was an instant hit with the immediate family who could not believe the difference in Sofia’s condition and her hair condition. Sofia knew this had to be out there for others to benefit from.

Hair oils are very common in South Asian culture however, finding an oil which is easy to wash out, smells pleasant yet addresses hair/scalp care concerns from the root rather than just giving a glossy look to hair is not so common.

Sofia wanted to create a formula containing a variety of oils which would tick all the boxes,

  • A lightweight but ultra penetrative formula
  • Lightweight enough to use in the day without the greasy look
  • Wash out easily
  • To provide instant and long term results and visibly resolve current hair and scalp pain points for women, men and children of all ages
  • Smell amazing without being overpowering
  • An easy to control pump bottle to avoid the mess

Once achieved, Sofia knew she needed to spend her time marketing and hence partnered with a UK lab to match her formula to give her the time to focus on other aspects of the business.

The family got involved from day 1 and very soon we moved to a warehouse and outsourced other aspects of the business.

SNI actually stands for Sofia’s full name and created a social media storm as one of the very first social media based independent brands. 5 years on, many have taken inspiration and started their own brands yet SNI continues to grow with the debut product, the SNI Natural Growth Oil being a top seller.

Sofia went on to educate followers and customers about hair and scalp health, stress related hair loss, why hair loss occurs and has since launched a total of 10 products and more being worked on.

All products have the main focus of helping with hair growth, hair loss and hair condition needs using Natural plant based and ethical ingredients and practices.

SNI has a strong repeat customer base and welcomes women, men and children of all ethnicities and ages to enjoy the SNI product range.

Love your hair,

Team SNI