Hair Growth

Hair Oil

A lightweight, penetrative hair oil containing ingredients in a synergistic blend to repair, strengthen the hair whilst stimulating the scalp. The perfect hair food for all scalp and hair concerns for men, women and children.

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Miracle Growth Shampoo & Conditioner

Uses 3 key ingredients: Baobab Extract, Horsetail Extract and sandalwood. All are scientifically known to stimulate hair growth and hair loss reduction. The conditioner contains these ingredients alongside conditioning oils to bring strength to the lengths of your hair to avoid breakages and hair loss due to brittle and weak hair.

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Thicken & Repair Conditioner

This conditioner will bring a diamond shine to your hair and smells like happiness. This 99% natural conditioner will be your new bff!

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Thicken & Repair Shampoo

A 99% natural plant based formula which is very mild yet effective. A very uplifting scent. It can take time to get used to the non commercial foaming action but extremely beneficial to scalp health. This shampoo is great for damaged, dry, brittle hair and coloured/bleached hair will thank you for introducing this to your routine

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Rice Water

The Yao Women of China have been trending due to their thick, black and tangle free super long hair for a while now. We came to the rescue with our rice water spray so you can enjoy the benefits without the fuss. Rice water nutrients are essential to hair growth. Only to be avoided if you have brittle hair or flaky scalp.

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Vegan Boar Brush

Your choice of hairbrush can really help with your hair loss and overall hair health.

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Hair Concerns

All SNI products are focused on hair growth, hair loss and scalp/hair health. When looking for the best products for your hair type, we know it can be overwhelming with all the choice, so we’ve made some quick guides to help you understand which products would be more suited to you. You will find that most products cross over more than one category, and this is simply because SNI Hair care products are multi-beneficial. Just click on one of the tabs below to get started!