Simple Hair Essentials

Simple Hair Essentials

Simple Hair Essentials

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Simple hair essentials is a 2 product bundle.

The SNI Frizz Eaze Towel Turbie and the SNI Stimulating scalp massager.


If frizz, colour leakage and split ends is high up in your hair concerns list, then this is the product you need!

Did you know that wet hair is weak hair? Our hair turbans drink up water before it drowns your hair.

Cuts drying time by 50%, hands-free, out of your face and friction-free and most importantly smooth out frizz!

Suitable for all hair types and excessively long hair can simply be folded within the length of the turbie


Helps reduce frizz and breakage

Helps hair colour stay vibrant longer

Helps hair look shinier, smoother, softer

Helps with curl definition

Helps hair become healthier over time, reducing need for styling products


Stimulating Scalp Massager


1. Increased blood flow: The massaging action of the device can help to increase blood flow to the scalp, which can in turn promote hair growth and improve the overall health of the scalp.


2. Relaxation: The gentle massage can also help to relax the muscles in the scalp, which can help to relieve tension and reduce stress.


3. Improved product absorption: Using a scalp massager can help to distribute shampoo, conditioner, or other hair products evenly throughout the scalp, which can improve their efficacy.


4. Exfoliation: The bristles or nodes on the massager can help to gently exfoliate the scalp, removing dead skin cells and promoting a healthy scalp.


- Helps to unclog hair follicles and remove buildup

- Can reduce dandruff and flakiness

- Provides a soothing and relaxing sensation

- Can help to improve the texture and appearance of hair

- May reduce headaches and migraines by relieving tension in the scalp

- Can be used on all hair types and textures

- Can be used on both wet and dry hair

- Can be used independently or in conjunction with other hair care treatments

- Can be easily incorporated into a daily hair care routine.


Making hair care easy, one product at a time.

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