Do You Have Scalp Psoriasis? See How SNI Hair Oil Can Help

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Have you started noticing a sudden appearance of flaky skin all over your body and scalp? If so, you may have Scalp Psoriasis, but nothing to worry because SNI Natural Hair Care has helped customers treat severe psoriasis not only in the scalp, but also the body. Psoriasis is when skin cells build up too rapidly on the surface of the skin, forming raised, red, scaly patches called plaques. These plaques are often itchy and sometimes painful. What Causes Psoriasis? Similar to why the exact reason of hair loss cannot be detected, the exact cause of psoriasis isn't fully understood either because scientists believe psoriasis is the result of several factors, including the immune system. When you have psoriasis, your immune system is overactive, which creates inflammation inside the body and causes the symptoms you see on the skin.

 Using SNI Natural Hair Care to treat Psoriasis SNI natural hair care hydrating and nourishing hair oil contains a high level of anti-oxidants and has anti-microbial and anti-fungus properties which is good for those who suffer from dandruff, eczema, and psoriasis.

Customers have reported relief from scalp psoriasis concerns using the SNI hair oil up to 85%. Founder of SNI natural hair care, Sofia, took this product to the market after it cleared her extreme scalp psoriasis, hair loss, and frizzy hair. Her psoriasis was gone for a few weeks before returning, but when the psoriasis did return it was less than what it used to be. The longer Sofia used the product, the longer it took to come back and each time coming back less and less to barely nothing.
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How to Use SNI Hair Oil
The best way to use SNI Natural Hair Care is by applying it overnight or as many hours as you can but a minimum of 30 minutes. When you wash your hair, gently exfoliate the scalp to detach the flakes from the scalp and wash the hair with your head bent forward so these flakes don't then get caught in your hair. Use a jet setting on your shower head so the water comes at a slight pressure to force away the flakes. Once your hair is damp. Use 1 pump in the affected scalp area. This will soak up without a greasy look and maintain your results until the next wash. We hope you try this if you too are going through Psoriasis. Please do send us your before and after pictures to so others can benefit. Thanks for reading! Until Next time, Team SNI Natural Hair Care Questions? Comments? Please Email us at

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