Postpartum Hair Loss? Do Not Stress | SNI Hair Care Blogs

woman sitting in field wearing green dress and white cardigan holding regrowth oil
Postpartum hair loss is completely normal but we know it can make you feel a little low or stressed about it. Hair loss after having a baby is called postpartum hair loss. During pregnancy, the body experiences soaring estrogen and progesterone levels which causes hair to remain in an ongoing stage of growth, creating thicker, more lustrous strands. Your hormones level out in the months following childbirth, which means excessive hair loss and thinning and in some cases postpartum alopecia. Although the hair loss will calm down, unless steps are taken to slow down the rate of hair loss and maintain healthy hair, it is highly likely that your hair will continue to thin, come out in chunks and lose volume. So here are some tips to help you through this stage of your hair cycle: 1. Eat well. Be sure to include a variety of fruit, veg and healthy proteins in your diet to ensure your body is getting the nutrients it needs. Foods that are suggested to improve hair health include dark leafy greens, sweet potatoes and carrots, eggs and fish. 2. Have a break from heat styling. Air dry your hair instead of using a dryer or straighteners as this can make your hair look flat as well as cause damaged/ dry ends. 3. Brushing too hard can also cause your hair to fall out in bigger clumps, so be gentle when brushing and don’t brush more than twice a day and start from the ends. Do not avoid brushing hair for fear of losing hair and always brush before having a shower and not during or after. 4. Use a thickening or volumising shampoo to make your hair appear fuller. Choose from SNI Miracle Growth or Thicken & Repair - both amazing for reducing hair loss and promoting hair growth, with miracle growth being the most popular for growth amongst customers and most commonly paired with the SNI Hair Oil and SNI Rice Water Spray which is also available as a duo.  5. Take 10 mins every day to give your scalp a massage with SNI hair growth oil. Scalp massages stimulate blood circulation and help with hair growth. A small amount is sufficient to give the benefits without getting your hair greasy. Why not try the hair inversion method while you are at it and finish off with a hair protecting hair style i.e. braids!  6. Rice Water, Rice Water, Rice Water! Need we say more? Use the SNI Rice water spray with added biotin and hyaluronic acid for quick, easy and highly effective results!

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Remember, hair is a journey not a destination. Love, Team SNI x