Four Ways To Use SNI Rice Water Spray | SNI HAIR CARE BLOGS

Uses for the SNI Natural Haircare Rice Water Spray, available online now
Did you know our SNI Rice Water Rinse Spray can be used in a four different ways? Find our how below and choose the best option for you and your hair. 1. PRE SHAMPOO Considering that brushing your hair BEFORE a shower is essential, this method is our favourite as it avoids breakages when brushing through tangles. Before you head into the shower, generously spray all over your hair and brush through to detangle any knots. Follow with shampoo and conditioner as normal. 2. POST SHAMPOO After shampooing, generously spray our Rice Water Spray all over your hair and wait 2-3 mins before rinsing out. Follow with conditioner. This is the traditional method of using Rice Water.  The next two options are alternative ways of using the SNI Rice Water Spray. Avoid these methods if you have a flaky scalp or brittle hair. 3. SPRITS & GO Spray very lightly on your hair from afar as a leave in conditioner then wash away to keep hair conditioned. 4. OVERNIGHT TREATMENT Team this up (or use alone) with our SNI hair oil for a deep hair conditioning treatment. Massage in SNI oil all over your hair from roots to ends then spray the Rice Water all over and brush through. Plait your hair loosely for bed and wash out the next day. This method works as the SNI Hair Oil is a penetrative hair oil and does not create a barrier. We recommend using the Rice Water Spray once a week. We know it's tempting to want to use it every day but trust us when we say less is more with this product! Overuse of this product may cause brittle hair due to protein overload and may contribute to flaky scalp if left in for too long or use too often in some people. If this occurs, cut down the amount and frequency used. If you haven't got your hands on our amazing new Rice Water Spray yet then you can purchase it here.  Remember, hair care is a journey, not a destination. For more you can download our free ebook here. Love, Team SNI x