10 hair facts you didn’t know!

ariel from disney brushing her long hair gif

It might be your crowning glory, but how much do you actually know about your hair? We’ve pulled together some of our favourite hair facts to get your better acquainted with your locks! 1) Hair is more elastic than you think! It can expand by up to 30% of its original length when wet. 2) In 1950, only about 7% of women colored their hair, but in 2015, it increased up to about 75%. 3) Hair grows the fastest during the summer, sleep, or between the ages of 16 to 24. 4) On average, women’s hair is half the diameter of men’s hair. 5) Body hair is generally shorter because the growing phase is a lot shorter than the growing phase of hair on the scalp. 6) Beauty can take time. The average time a woman spends to wash, dry and style her hair is 1 hour and 53 minutes a week. By the time she is 65, she will have spent 7 months of her life doing her hair! Now that’s some major statistics!

But wait that’s not all! Did you know that, 7) Men produce 6x more of the hormones responsible for hair loss than women. And... 8) 1 single strand of hair can support up to 6.5 pounds of weight. That means a whole head of hair could support up to 2 tonnes!

And last but not least, a common sense fact that may need to be reiterated due to the prevalence of fad diets, 10) Crash dieting can cause hair loss! Amongst the many causes of sudden hair loss, crash dieting can cause hair loss too! Hair loss is not caused by any specific diet, but by a shortage of nutrients. This is an obvious by-product of certain diets that demand a huge reduction in the intake of certain nutrients. And that concludes our 10 facts about hair loss! While some may be more known than others, we hope you took something away from our first hair blog post!

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