Sudden Hair Loss? Here’s How To Cope

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Hair loss can affect anyone. Men, women and even kids. So what can we do about it? Well first steps is to understand the suspected possible causes.

As mentioned in our previous hair blog post, 3 Causes Of Hair Loss , the cause of hair loss and actual hair loss can be several weeks or months apart. We have touched on the causes previously, but here’s a recap on some sudden causes:


If your hair doesn’t have enough protein to build and repair, it will go into a resting phase. During this resting phase, your will shed a lot of your hair and may notice clumps of hair in your hairbrush, in the drain… almost everywhere!

Another common cause is…


This is actually nothing to be stressed about. During postnatal hair loss, your hormones are balancing out and shedding the hair from that wonderful peak in hair growth that occurred during pregnancy–hence thick hair that happened several months ago!

Although your hair growth cycle will balance out, if steps are not taken then you may end up with postpartum alopecia.

Another cause of sudden hair loss is stress. Stress is one of the most common causes after hereditary hair loss, therefore we will dedicate a whole new blog post to this subject.

So how do we cope? The way to start is by….


This is important. Although hair loss can be treated to a certain degree, sudden hair loss can be a huge blow to your self esteem. Especially if you end up with thinning patches or balding patches! Take steps to include more variety of protein and nutrition in your diet and update your hair care routine to feed your scalp.

Talk to people around you who have faced similar issues. Sharing is caring and can help bring another angle to the scenario which you may not have been aware of.

Do not leave the problem for too long, the more you allow your hair to fall and thin, the more difficulty you may find in getting your locks back to thick and healthy.

Also visit your health practitioner, as often sudden hair loss and thinning can indicate an underlying problem.


Update your hair care routine. One suggestion is to start using the SNI natural hair oil.

This super blend of plant based oils come together in a synergistic effect to enhance the properties of each ingredient and feed the scalp with the necessary hair food. This will add strength and shine to your hair as well as reduce excessive hair loss, promote growth and regrowth of hair providing there are follicles to grow from.

There are many ways you can use the SNI natural hair oil but the most common way is demonstrated by blogger Poonam Walid in her blog post on how to use SNI natural hair oil.

The SNI natural hair oil is the perfect relaxation hair oil with its very slight hint of lavender, it’s sure to calm your senses and give that little pamper session that you deserve for doing all the hard work you do as a new mum.

It is also recommended to add protein in to your diet or even into an egg mask we like to call the #proteinboostmask. You just need two/three whole eggs, 5-6 pumps of the SNI hair oil and leave on for 45 minutes -120 minutes and wash out.

The localised nourishment from the protein boost mask is a quick fix if you need a quick treatment before an occasion or in general suffer dry, brittle hair and major hair loss.

And last…


Similar to how skin cell turnover must occur, hair fall also occurs. Imagine if we never lost any skin cells!? Well it would be the same if we never lost any hair at all. (Anything that advertises to stop all hair fall – stay clear from it! Excessive hair loss is another story).

Time and time again, I find myself explaining to customers that hair loss is not always a negative thing. Keep an eye on it but don’t stress or else your probably going to trigger stress related hair loss. Think of it as your body giving you a message about your nutrition. To better your diet, try to consume  these 15 foods you should eat for healthy hair.

We hope you found this piece informative. If you have any experiences, comments, suggestions for new blog posts then do leave us a comment below.

P.S. Keep loving your hair!

Until next time,


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