Stress & Hair Loss: How to Be Stress Free

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Did you know stress was the leading cause for hair loss?

It is common for people to lose a certain number of hairs every single day; however, if you are losing a lot of hair, and that too from a particular part of your scalp; then that is a problem.

It is well known that hair loss can be linked to stress or anxiety. Since stress is temporary; hair loss will also be temporary. If you are feeling stressed and know that your hair loss is linked to stress, then read on below to see how you can treat stress related hair loss by becoming stress free.

Get Plenty of Sleep

Aim to get 7-8 hours of sleep per night. Sleep is essential because it is important to rest your mind and body by getting enough hours of rest so that your body can be ready to tackle the next morning.

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Wake Up Early

Waking up early can allow you to have more time in your day to do the things you want, and can add in time for self care such as exercise and meditation. Waking up early and sleeping early can be great for the body, mind, soul–and of course, your hair.

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Follow a Routine

Following a routine can provide organisation to your life and can allow you to utilise your day to it’s fullest. By following a set routine every day, you will know when to make time for activities that are most important to you. Having a structured and set lifestyle will allow you to be less stressed because everything will be in order.

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Team SNI suggests to incorporate exercise in your daily routine. Exercise is the common advice for stress relief because exercising helps relieve the stress buildup, it allows you to stay focused on fitness goals, and most importantly, it is just great for your body and health over all.


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Eating Healthy & Drinking Plenty of Water

Healthy Eating is linked with exercise as a stress prevention method because being healthy can allow people to be better fit for dealing with stress. Drinking plenty of water will allow your body will also allow you to become stress free. According to WebMD, “If you’re looking for a simple way to unwind from your stress-filled life, try this: drink a glass of water.” Studies have shown that being just half a liter dehydrated can increase your cortisol levels, says Amanda Carlson, RD, director. This is why it is crucial to stay hydrated and eat healthy so that you are less prone to stress. Feel free to read Team SNI’s previous blog  post on foods to eat for healthy hair: here.

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Make Lists for Yourself

Creating a to-do list can be a great way to list out the things you need to get done. Procrastinating can be a huge cause for stress, so lists are a great way to ensure that you do not end up procrastinating. Create a to-do list for each day to keep yourself organised. Crossing things off will be a huge accomplishment and you will get things done without thinking too much about them.

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Express Gratitude

The winning formula to happiness is being grateful for what you have. Expressing gratitude is a great way to remain stress free. You can talk to someone about the things you are thankful for, or keep a journal .Learn to be grateful for what you have, for the people in your life, and see it as a gift. With this sort of outlook on life, stress will go down and happiness will go up.

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Find Time to Relax

Take breaks throughout the day and find time to relax. This could mean scheduling monthly massages, taking a nice bath, reading your favourite book, or waking up early to pray/meditate. It is important to identify when you need a break so that you do not over work yourself. Team SNI recommends putting drops of the SNI natural oil in your bath for a SPA like feel.

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Last but not the least, always be happy!  While one should follow these steps mentioned above for a stress free life, it is also imprtant to be content with yourself.

So live a happy, healthy, and stress free life!
Team SNI

One thought on “Stress & Hair Loss: How to Be Stress Free

  1. Sadia Hamid says:

    I have lost a lot of my hair due to stress after my nani passing away this year. So I’m excited to try out the oil and shampoo/conditioner of heard great things about it.

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