SNI Natural Hair Oil 30ml Mini


Introducing the SNI natural hair care, nourishing and hydrating hair oil MINI!

After much demand, we have finally created the travel size to our much loved debut product! Get frizz free, nourished hair on the go!
The formula and benefits are all compact into this 30ml bottle.
Enough for 5 overnight treatments or a months worth of daily leave in serum use, this compact MINI is ideal for hand bags and travelling.
IMPORTANT: We strongly advise not to use this product as a sample for hair regrowth and hair loss as it will not last long enough to see the results on many people. Hair regrowth and hair loss is a journey and have many causes and variables between individuals.

2 Bottles – £15.50 Each
3 Bottles – £14.75 Each
4 Bottles + – £14.00 Each
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