SNI Coins Customer Rewards FAQ's

What are SNI Coins?

This is our rewards system. You can earn points on all purchases over 25 GBP. All coins earned are redeemable on a future purchase in line with the minimum spend and maximum redeemable coins limit for each transaction.

How can I redeem my coins?

You can redeem your SNI Coins against future SNI hair care online purchases.  


Do I need an account to collect SNI coins?

Yes you must have an account with SNI hair care for your SNI Coins to be assigned to once awarded.

How do I earn SNI coins?

You earn SNI coins as you shop where every pound spent is a coin earned.

How long do the SNI coins stay on account for?

Coins are valid for redemption for 180 days (approx 6 months) from the award date. You can keep track of these in your account dashboard.

Can you reclaim your coins after this? 

Unfortunately not. 6 months is the time limit to use your coins.

Is there a maximum to how many SNI coins can be redeemed in a transaction?

The maximum coins you can redeem against any 1 purchase is 100 (£10.00). The minimum spend to redeem your coins is £30.00.

Can I exchange my SNI coins for money or vouchers/cash back?

SNI coins can only be redeemed against future SNI online purchases.

When do my coins get added to my account?

Your coins will be added to your account balance once your order has completed or your action has been completed.