Here you will find a set of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s). If you have a question about SNI Hair Oil that is not covered below, please contact us using the email form provided here!

Frequently Asked Questions:

When can I use SNI natural hair oil?

SNI natural hair oil is suitable for use in a variety of hair loss conditions/reasons such as:

  • Child birth (Postpartum Alopecia)
  • Birth control pills
  • Prescription drugs
  • Damaged hair due to excessive use of chemicals, straightening agents, hair irons, etc.
  • Stress
Does SNI hair oil contain any chemicals?

SNI hair oil is 100% natural and involves/contains no synthetic chemicals.

What are the ingredients and are they all natural?

The ingredients are all natural but use the Latin names on the bottle in accordance to the EU cosmetics regulation.

SNI hair oil contains Olive oil, castor, sweet almond, pomegranate and jojoba as well as antioxidants vitamins A and E, lavender, Co enzyme Q10.

What is so unique about SNI hair oil?

SNI hair oil as is different from traditional oils and other brands in many ways. Usually oils are coating oils and therefore greasy with minimal absorption/penetration.

The SNI hair oil uses a blend of 5 plant based oils with added antioxidants and vitamins etc in a ratio that allows penetration into the hair shaft and hence better results. Therefore, SNI hair oil is not as greasy and also smells nice without the use of any artificial fragrance.

How should I use SNI hair oil?

There is no right or wrong way of using SNI natural hair oil. In general, rule of thumb is that the worse the condition of your hair, the more attention and care that is required.

For example, someone with thin hair and excessive hair loss as well as damaged hair, would have to use more consistently than someone who just wants to have healthy looking hair and minimising the appearance of split ends while delaying that overdue visit to the hairdresser.

The instructions on the bottle are:

Night use: Use 3 times a week on dry hair. Apply 6-10 pumps of oil (depending on thickness and length of hair) from roots to tip and massage well. Tie up long hair and leave overnight. Wash as usual in the morning.

Day use: Can use up to 2 pumps for shiny non greasy hair to tame frizz and dry ends. Also use in roots to restore protective scalp oil layer. Best used in damp hair after towel drying hair.

However, you can use SNI natural hair oil as part of your egg and SNI natural hair oil DIY hair mask (we like to call it the protein boost mask) for 45-60 mins for a quick fix.

Or you can even use it as a pre shampoo treatment. This method is best for those who do not suffer extreme hair issues.

See what works for you and what you prefer.

Remember, consistency is key.

Is SNI hair oil safe in pregnancy and breastfeeding?

Yes. SNI hair oil only uses 1 percent lavender oil which is safe in pregnancy and breastfeeding. However, research is ever changing and everyone is different, so please consult your midwife/health visitor/consultant (depending on what type of care you are under), for further advice.

Has SNI hair oil been tested on animals or derived from bees?

No. We do not test our products on animals and none of the ingredients are derived from bees. We use plant based ingredients.

I missed a treatment, will this affect my results?

Being consistent is important. If you miss a treatment, just start again however it may slow down the effects of using SNI hair oil.

How long will it take for my parcel to arrive?

All orders are dispatched the same or next working day by Royal Mail 1st Class Signed for. For international timelines please check the Royal Mail website for guidance. For more information, please check Our delivery service.

Please note SNI natural hair care do not take any responsibility for delays caused by the courier company.

For some countries, such as South Africa and Saudia Arabia, we may use alternative providers such as DHL and skynet. If this is the case, your dispatch may be 2-3 working days after you place your order. This is to benefit you as our customer.

If you require any assistance due to a pro long delay in receiving your product, please email us on info@snihaircare.co.uk

Do you manufacture the product?

Yes, we manufacture under strict safety regulations and all EU cosmetics regulations.

I have used other oils before and nothing works, why will this help if others have not?

It is advised to use a hair product for at least 90 days, and some things take time to give results.

It is important to keep using consistently along with other measures such as diet and exercise and taking care to avoid synthetic chemical filled products that are commonly used on the hair.

Such products may attack the hair follicle and may increase hair problems.

In regards to other oils, SNI hair oil is unique as it is a penetrative hair oil unlike other brands that are coating oils and merely make the hair look glossy and nourish the outer hair without penetrating within.

Please note, if hair loss continues after 90 days of consistent use and implementing other factors such as avoiding chemical filled products and a better diet, please consult your medical professional, as you may require medical intervention.

How can I become a distributor/stockist?

Please email info@snihaircare.co.uk for more details.

UK and international stockists are welcome.

I have a deficiency/thyroid/hormonal imbalance/alopecia (etc), will this help?

In such cases, SNI natural hair oil is likely to be of benefit, but only when used continuously, with concurrent treatment of the underlying condition.

What is an underlying condition for hair loss?

In some cases where hair loss occurs, if untreated, the hair loss may continue until the underlying cause is treated and may also cause thinning and balding patches.

A few examples are:

  • Thyroid Gland Malfunction
  • Diabetes
  • Anaemia
  • Systemic Lupus Erythematosis or SLEIn such cases, SNI natural hair oil is likely to be of benefit, but only when used continuously, with concurrent treatment of the underlying condition.
Will the SNI natural hair oil work on male pattern baldness?

There is no medical evidence to support any claims that any hair oil can treat male pattern baldness. The hair oils can not block the hormone (DHT) in your body which causes male pattern baldness.

It is best to get advice from your health practitioner. However, this does not mean to say that SNI natural hair oil will be of no help whatsoever. In conjunction with treatment, it may help strengthen hair and nourish the existing/remaining hair. Again, ensure your health practitioner is aware.

Can the SNI natural hair oil reverse grey hairs or prevent them?

There is no proof that any hair oil can prevent grey hairs or reverse them. In fact premature fraying problem is largely genetic. Hair follicles contain pigment cells that produce melanin, which gives your hair their colour. When your body stops generating melanin, hair presents itself as gray, white or silver.

Doctors say low B12 levels can cause lessening of hair pigments.

The Co enzyme Q10 in our formula is indeed an anti aging agent, however there is not sufficient proof to say it can reverse or prevent the onset of grey hairs. We have noted from some customers, that after dyeing their hair, it can take a little longer than usual for the greys to appear.

Is SNI hair oil compliant with the EU cosmetics regulation?

Yes, we follow all EU cosmetics regulations.

I have recently had a child and my hair loss is major, will this help?

In the normal cycle of hair growth, some hair is lost every day. But during pregnancy the increased levels of estrogen in your body freezes hair in the growing (or “resting”) phase of the cycle. After you give birth and your estrogen levels decline, however, all that hair that was resting starts to fall out

Therefore, this hair loss is completely normal. However, if you do not take measures to reduce this hair loss and maintain healthy hair, your hair loss will most likely increase and stay this way even after your hormone levels return to normal and may even give rise to postpartum alopecia.

Is it possible that my hair loss increases after using SNI hair oil?

Yes, this may happen when using the SNI hair oil in very few customers. This is not a side effect or a reaction. This usually occurs in customers who have thin hair that does not grow. The hair does not grow due to a build up of dead skin on the scalp that in turn stops hair from growing healthily.

SNI hair oil clears the scalp of this dead skin and hence the hair that was not growing, falls out. As the dead skin can cover a large area, the hair loss may seem to increase. But do not worry, this is normal and should settle within a couple of weeks. Please take progression pictures with dates and email them in if you are concerned.

Please remember, for new hair to grow healthily, the old must shed.

How can SNI hair oil treat scalp psoriasis?

Section the hair in the affected area, and pump a small amount directly and massage in daily. This will not be greasy and you can style your hair and leave the house comfortably. Please note, a small amount is sufficient.

I'm allergic to nuts, can I use this product?

We use refined almond oil that has taken away the nut allergens. Always do a patch test regardless of any allergies or not.

Why is this hair oil not greasy?

SNI hair oil is a lightweight hair oil. SNI hair oil is not a dry hair oil, however we say it is non greasy as it is easily absorbed into that hair due to the penetrative properties of the SNI hair oil which is elevated due to the ratio in which the ingredients are at within the SNI hair oil formula.

Can men use this product too?

Yes men can also use this product

How soon will I see a difference in my hair?

All the hair on the head are on different phases of the hair cycle at any one time. However the full hair cycle is 90 days. Therefore, it is important to use any haircare routine for at least 90 days continuously for full results.

However, based on feedback by our customers, on average the time scale based on using as per instructions on the bottle (3 times a week),

  • Hair loss reduction – from first use to 6 weeks
  • Hair growth in length and filling of thinning balding patches – from 10 days [postnatal alopecia and traction (receding hairline) alopecia] onwards up to 4 months (alopecia areata)
  • Hair thickening in texture from first use to 2 weeks
    Hair thickening
  • Actual thicker hair – from 3 weeks onwards upto 3 months
  • Reduction of appearance of split ends and silkier hair – usually from first week onwards
  • Frizz reduction – from first week.
  • Scalp psoriasis- from first use to 4 weeks

These timescales are based on analysis of the average timescales from customer reviews.

Consistency in using as well as having a healthy diet, exercise, and using natural and good quality products with SNI natural hair oil are recommended.

I have hereditary hair loss issues, will SNI hair oil work for me?

SNI natural hair oil works best for non-hereditary hair loss. However, that does not mean that you can not use SNI hair oil. It would be advisable to use products to create a synergy effect. This means making changes in your hair care routine to overcome the effects of hair loss such as thinning hair and balding patches.

  • Use a wooden comb and comb from the ends working upwards to reduce further hair loss.
  • Use natural products that will help hair growth such as SNI hair oil and good quality natural shampoos/conditioners.
  • Use an ionic blow dryer which will breakdown the water molecule rather than evaporating the hair molecule causing the hair to dry out and become static/weaker and more prone to breakages.
  • Use our DIY egg and SNI hair oil mask to create a ‘protein boost’ mask
  • Add green leafy raw veg and nuts such as almonds to your diet
  • Consult your doctor for any medication that may help
  • Consult your doctor in regards to using vitamins targeted for hair loss reduction/hair growth.

Taking several methods at once to give a desired result, gives a synergistic (enhanced) result.

Will SNI natural hair oil stop my hair loss completely?

No product should stop hair loss completely as it is completely natural to loose up to 100 strands of hair a day. Any more than that can be classed as excessive hair loss. SNI natural hair oil may minimise unwanted and excessive hair loss in many cases especially if it is due to damaged, brittle, dry and weak as well as constant head covering (due to religious and cultural beliefs) hair as SNI hair oil strengthens hair.

However, it has been known to help

  • ladies with postpartum alopecia and hair loss,
  • those taking prescription drugs,
  •  those on birth control,
  • Those with hair loss due to poor diet,

In some cases, you may actually suffer more hair fall when initially using SNI hair oil. This is nothing to worry about as it will settle in on average 2 weeks. This is usually found in customers whose hair does not grow (thick and long). The SNI hair oil helps to clear the scalp of dead skin that accumulates and is not usually visible to the naked eye. This dead skin is the cause of hair not growing in most cases. As this dead skin reduces, hair loss may occur to make room for new healthy hair growth.

Our claims come from reviews submitted to us by our customers.

Is SNI hair oil FDA approved?

The FDA does not actually approve cosmetics. You can read more about this here:


However, we are 100% compliant with EU cosmetics regulations.

Is it possible to try a sample of SNI hair oil before purchasing?

In order to provide adequate amount of product for the consumers to feel and see the full benefit of SNI natural hair oil, we do not give out samples of our product.

Are there any side effects of SNI hair oil?

SNI natural hair oil is 100% natural and has no known side effects.

Can stress cause more hair loss?

Extreme stress can cause a temporary hair loss, called Telogen Effluvium. Telogen Effluvium is limited and temporary hair loss that will grow back on its own. 
Factors such as hormones from pregnancy or a thyroid condition, crash dieting, and certain medications also may cause Telogen Effluvium.

You should see your doctor if there is no family history of gradual hair loss, or hair loss is sudden and/or patchy, or if you feel that your diet may be causing your hair loss.

SNI natural hair oil is known to help people with such conditions provided the underlying condition is addressed.

What shampoo/conditioner should I use?

Everyone has heir own preference, however we recommend staying clear of the normal shop brands that contain many synthetic chemicals and are generally cheap.

Invest in your hair and use natural products or high quality professional products. Such products may be more expensive but are more economical as they have (normally) not been watered down and thus last longer and are better for your hair.

We like many but our favourite is http://bit.ly/2h9CNxS

Do you accept returns?

SNI Hair Care does not offer returns due to the nature of the products.

If an item arrives faulty, please email info@snihaircare.co.uk with your full name, order number and include clear photographs.
Please include a full description so we can offer you the best solution.

All faulty items must be brought to our attention within 5 days of receiving your order. Faulty items are inspected thoroughly to ensure there has been no deliberate tampering.

Please allow 24-72 hours for us to get back to you.